Comic-Con 2017: Greg Cipes on Beast Boy in ‘The Night Begins to Shine’ Event


The night has begun to shine on Cartoon Network with last night’s premiere of The Night Begins to Shine Part 1. We got an opportunity again this year to catch up with the voice of TMNT‘s Michaelangelo, Ultimate Spider-man‘s Iron Fist, and of course Teen Titans Go!‘s lovable Beast Boy: Greg Cipes.

Greg Cipes took some time out of his busy Comic-Con schedule to chat with us about playing Beast Boy, this week’s debut of The Night Begins to Shine and gave us one of the most hilarious video interview intros we’ve ever had.

Check it out via our YouTube page below:

Video/Photo Credit: Paige Wilson

Teen Titans Go! is ready to rock with a special 4 night event, “The Night Begins to Shine.” When Cyborg becomes trapped in an alternate reality of his favorite song, “The Night Begins to Shine,” he’s forced to battle a dragon who wants to steal the song for his own evil purposes. Unable to rescue Cyborg on their own, the Titans must enlist the help of pop music stars Fall Out Boy and Cee Lo Green to help rescue Cyborg and defeat the dragon.

The special 4 night Teen Titans Go! event, “The Night Begins to Shine,” airs August 1 to August 4 at 6/7 c on Cartoon Network.

Teen Titans Go! Songs From The Night Begins to Shine Special is available now, and the track list is as follows:

  1. “The Night Begins To Shine” — CeeLo Green
  2. “Forever Mine” — B.E.R.
  3. “The Night Begins To Shine (Dragon Remix)” — B.E.R.
  4. “Rise Up” — B.E.R.
  5. “The Night Begins To Shine” — Puffy AmiYumi

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