Comic-Con Interview: Tyler Hoechlin Dons the Cape as Superman for ‘Supergirl’

Tyler Hoechlin Superman Supergirl

Tyler Hoechlin, the breakout star from Teen Wolf and Everybody Wants Some, is about to portray the biggest role of his career when he dons the iconic S-Shield of Superman in the upcoming Season 2 of SupergirlHot on the heels of the first reveal of Hoechlin in costume as the Man of Steel (which you can see here), we thought it would be a good time to share the round table interview we took part in with the actor from Comic-Con 2016. 

Keep in mind this interview was done before the suit reveal and before Hoechlin had started filming on Supergirl. If you want to see Hoechlin’s chiseled Kryptonian face, you can watch our video via our YouTube page:

For all you Super-fans at work that can’t watch videos or you’d rather just scan through the highlights, you can read some of his quotes below:

On his take on the Clark Kent persona (not Superman):

“Without getting fired before I start, I can say a little bit. That’s obviously one of the fun things about the character – finding the parts of the character that come out as Superman and which ones as [Clark]. It’s kind of like anybody in social settings, with certain groups of friends you’re one way and with other friends, a different part of you comes out a little bit more.

So finding those parts of him and which ones are enhanced, depending on who he is and where he is, that’ll be one of the exciting things to play with. Should be fun.”

On whether his Superman falls in line with any specific version from the comics, TV or film:

“I’m really trying not to go specifically at anything that’s been there. Obviously there’s staples of what Superman is and what he stands for, so I want to be truthful to the character inherently – but really finding out how he fits into this [Supergirl‘s] story.

They’ve done such a great job establishing a tone in what they’re going for, it’s very positive and optimistic and hopeful. Finding how he fits into that world, that’s kind of where my focus is going to be more at as opposed to aiming specifically for one of the comics or one of the versions of him – just finding out how he fits into this world specifically.”

On doing special effects with green screens, wires etc:

“It will be my first time really doing a lot of that stuff. So I’m sure it will be an interesting first day and then something I’ll probably settle into – yeah that will be one of those surreal moments where I’m putting the suit on and literally in the air and we’re flying, ‘Okay. This is happening.'”

On why he wanted to play Superman:

“Well, one: It’s Superman. It’s just an incredible opportunity and such an iconic character, but really it was my meeting with Greg [Berlanti] and Andrew [Kreisberg]. We just kind of had similar interests in what we found fascinating with the character, what made him interesting.

So to have some people who want to portray this character in a certain way or a certain mindset, it made him a very interesting person to me. So despite the fact that he’s Superman, to have the things that he has to go through and the responsibilities he has, things like that, it’s what I found fascinating about it. The fact that they agreed on a lot of things and we had similar idea creatively, that’s what sold me on it.”

On the benefits of having Superman finally show up in person on Supergirl:

“Getting them in the same room. They’ve done a great job of establishing that contact, but it will be nice to finally see them interact face to face. Carry that over and dive a little bit deeper into the relationship and how they behave as a family.

I always say it’s like when you see that friend from high school, you don’t even have to be really great friends anymore or talk all the time, there’s a familiarity there. You grew up in the same place, you knew the same people, did the same stupid things together, because you were young and dumb. There’s a familiarity that I’m excited to explore with that character, because they don’t interact that much [so far] in the show. But to be able to go back and suddenly feel like, “Oh! We’re here.” it’s a familiar and fun thing to explore.”

On the process of getting the role:

“This was one of the most painless processes I’ve ever gone through. I don’t know why. I had one meeting with Greg [Berlanti] and Andrew [Kreisberg], it went really well and that was on a Monday, I think, and on Friday we got the offer. That was really it, it was just that one meeting. That never happens. It never happens. So I was very grateful for that, but I know Melissa [Benoist] through her husband, him and I did a film together, and she’s the absolute sweetest and so talented. I can’t wait to get on set and actually start to work with her.”

Hoehclin will debut as Superman in National City in the first two episodes of Supergirl Season 2, starting October 10 on The CW.

Photo Credit: Paige Wilson

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